Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Newsletter: "The Scribe's Notes"

A lot of work is being done on this newsletter. I found a template in printshop that will work very good. I have been inserting the necessary information for the past week. It is my hope to be able to send it out as a PDF file by Wednesday.

It is going to look very good. My Rabbi saw the photo-template and liked it. Wait until he sees it in color. Here is how the template will look:

The front page will have the Torah portion.

An editoral page will be the second page.

The third page will have a understanding of a Greek or Hebrew word, and how, if misunderstood, it can change your understanding of the scripture

The fourth page deals with answering objections to your faith

The fifth page is going to be used to answer questions concerning Messianic Judaism

I think the sixth page is going to be used for a human interest story, and

the seventh page will be used for over-runs of the information on the first six pages

It is my prayer make this a teaching newsletter, run this newsletter every two weeks, and have it in the reader's possession before Shabbat

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