Friday, July 18, 2008

Book Buzz

It has been over a year since I made an entry in this blog. A lot has happened.

The Ladder of Trust Book
My book, "The Ladder of Trust" and been completed and posted on and Barnes and Noble (

Messianic Teaching
I still teach the "New to Messianic Judaism" Class at Gesher Shalom, But I also am one of the teachers for the College and Career Group at the same location. We are currently finishing the book of Hebrews.

As I said, a lot has happened since my last post. I am also the Co-Host of a 1/2 hour Radio program called, "Ron on the Sabbath." My Co-Host is also named "Ron." He is a pastor of a Seven day Baptist Church. Later this year, he will be ordained as a Bishop. We have our disagreements in theology but we stand together on the Sabbath.

Scribes Notes
This portion made the biggest changes over the year. It has been transferred into a e-mail newsletter and goes out every Thursday.

There is no longer a seven-page newsletter. The work was too much. I took the first page and started sending out the weekly Parsha, placing Yeshua into the Torah every week. This started in Oct 2007 with the first Parsha of Genesis.

This concept was very good. I use to send it out. At this posting, it is well received by people in more than 40 states and three countries.

When I start the second year, this will become my second book. I have not worked on the title yet, but, by doing it every week, it will have 54 chapters. This book could be greater than the "Ladder of Trust."

God is still moving!

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