Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Busy Week

What a week! Thursday I completed the weekly parsha and sent it out to a number of people. On the Sabbath (Saturday) I did the sermon called "Led by the Spirit," and also the "New to Messianic Judaism" Class. On Sunday, I was a co-host on a half-hour radio program. On Tuesday, I taught the "College and Career" group in our synagogue, and during this entire time I also put together this week parsha.

Some people would say that I was really pushed, but that is not the case. I enjoyed it. It is known as "the calling." I know its hard to explain, but when a person is under a calling, it does not become a problem. Why? It is because you know who is doing the teaching, and I can assure you, it was not me. With a calling come an anointing.

I studied to be both a Lutheran Pastor and a Messianic Rabbi. During this time, I never had the calling. As a Messianic Bible Teacher, I know it's there when I need it. I would not trade it nor do I want to lose it.

This anointing allows me to teach out of love, and not from judgment. This means accepting the sinner if he/she is trying to change, but not the sin. Sin requires judgment. To accept sin rejects and destroys the holiness of God.

This Sunday, I will be doing the radio program by myself. I will again be teaching on the 'Leading of the Spirit.'

You cannot be led by the Spirit unless you are filled with the Spirit. When you are filled with the Spirit, you are showing the Fruit of the Spirit on your life. You become filled by the Spirit through your study of the Word.

If you are "Filled by the Spirit", operating in the "Fruit of the Spirit", you are then "Led by the Spirit", and living under the "Power of the Spirit".


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