Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who is God's People?

This Sabbath I will be teaching the "New to Messianic Judaism" Class at my Messianic synagogue. My subject came from an email from the Newsletter I sent out every Thursday called "The Scribe's Journal." The email asked me to give an answer to the question, "Who is God's People?"

I thought about answering her back through the email, but realized two things:
1) That other people would also want to know the answer
2) A short answer will not work

I am sure that a great deal of people believe that are part of God's people based on the teaching they have received, but what does the word of God say - IN ITS CONTEXT?

I add these last three words because if that process is not done, it cannot be the word of God. It becomes the "Gospel according to them."

If you have a chance, come and join us.


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