Thursday, September 18, 2008

Me - A Professer?

What a week! I am still in a state of shock. God has been moving!

I have been asked by Dr. Zaida Maldonado Perez from the Asbury Theological Seminary to talk to its seminary students on the subject of Church History. She is the Associate Professor of Historical Theology.

The class is scheduled for October 3, and starts at 9:00am in Orlando. There are still some items to be worked out, but one item already agreed on is that the class will be recorded. It is my plan to use the teaching on Church History through the eyes of Messianic Judaism as a "freebe" for people to download who are getting the weekly newsletter, "The Scribe's Journal." It can also be used as a "teaser" for people to sign up for the newsletter.

History changes based on its starting point. For example, the battle of the Alamo in 1836 is seen different through the eyes of the Texans and the eyes of Mexico. This process is also applied to Church History through the eyes of Gentiles and Jews. Church history, as seen through Messianic Judaism, can be presented through both sides, producing understanding of the differences.

I will keep everybody informed as to this progress.


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