Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a Week!

Last Friday, I was blessed to be a Professor for a day. I taught Church History at Asbury Theological Seminary. There was 23 students and future leaders. I was to speak for one hour between 9:00-10:00; but we finally stopped at 11:30 for lunch. This was one of the best days of my life. I got to teach upcoming leaders about the Jewish roots of their faith.

When I mentioned my book, "The Ladder of Trust", I wished I would have brought more copies. A number of the students said they would order them from Amazon.com.

We tried to tape the teaching, but with mixed results.

A student and friend of mine named Joseph used his video cam, but could not get the sound. In trying to set up the sound, he lost the whole system.

The teacher had a tape recorder, voice activated, and for over an hour, I talked into its mike. It was then, I found out that the batteries were dead.

There were two students who were also taping me. I was told by them that they would give Joseph a copy, and he would burn me a CD.

At this time, I am at the mercy of the students for a copy.

Everyone wanted to be added into the newsletter, "The Scribe's Journal," including a number of the professors. God has really blessed me.

I am now preparing for Yom Kippur.


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